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Tracey Whiting

Tracey is the founder of Yoga Embrace. “I started practicing Yoga even further back than I can
remember, my mum recalls me doing “stretching” when I was a little girl. I know that I was
destined to live the life of a Yogini."

I began regular practice about 19 years ago and decided to take the love to a new level. I began
teaching in 2001 and have been providing the joys of Yoga in the Blue Mountains since this time.
I am passionate about living a truthful existence and liberating the mind, body and soul.

My classes cater for beginner to intermediate level groups, with an option for advanced students.
My teaching style is with an emphasis on ‘being’, rather than ‘doing”. Having originally trained in
Hatha Yoga, I have broadened my influences to include other lineages, such as Ashtanga,
Jivamukti, Raja and Power Yoga. I am currently completing my level 4 attainment which is the
highest attainment offered in Australia and Internationally.

Whilst also a certificate Ш Leader in Fitness, there is a strong focus in class on alignment and
posture, but this moves beyond the mainstream physical aspect of the posture as the student
seeks an inner awareness to find the union (yoke) of Yoga.

My classes are socially interactive, with times to pause and reflect how the breath can connect
the mind, body and soul as one. Tracey teaches “joyfully” and her love of how the body moves
and her bubbly personality is expressed in each class.

Services Offered

Guided Meditation
Weight Management Advise
Corporate Packages
Individual Coaching
Seminars & Workshops

"If you can feel it, you know it!
If you know it, you are it!”
David Life

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